Just feel like it

After a few time without posting shiz, I thought "Why not post again? I'm pretty random and LJ can be kinda random."

And here I am.

Found this new TV animated show called Archer and it's hilarious. Also very spicy. And maybe a little violent. Rated MA that's why LOL All this thanks to Evan and Jen over Fan Forum. One more show to watch, yay what a surprise -.-' LOLOL

Another show I've been trying to watch is Spartacus: Blood and Sand. I have the two first episodes and still, only watched part of the premiere LOL Was interrupted in that time as I recall and other shows got in the middle.

I. am. completely, superbly, epitomicly, heavenly, powerfully, possessively in freaking love with Legend of the Seeker. My twitter is a LotS virus for those who don't care and a journal for those who care. And lately, I can't shush about it..

You really wanna know why?
Mainly because of this..

  By fosforito4 

If you don't watch this show, I seriously advise you to.

And that's the end of one of my posts. Who knows when I'll post next? :O

that's why.

Hello fellow Flist!
I have to admit that I'm only posting because I'm deeply in love with my new layout 8D
Thanks for all the help and for the Kahlan banner, Steffi! *hugs*

Totally Gay For Kahlan. \o/